To The Soldier

To The Soldier

To the soldier that’s still living,
who holds their head up high.
To the soldier who still breaks down
and sometimes has to cry.

To the ones who came home maimed
who learned a whole new life.
To the ones who seemed unharmed
who’ve been through hell and strife.

To the ones who’ve been forgotten
to the ones who are unloved.
To the ones who end their pain
to the ones who have went insane.

I want to tell you something
Something you need to know.
Us civilians we do care
Sometimes it’s hard to show.

For how do we thank a soldier?
How can we do it right?
How can we show our hearts?
With all our very might?

I realize there are people
who will never really care.
let’s overlook them now
Like there not even there.

Listen to those who love you
who are grateful you’re alive.
Who are so proud of you
and grateful for your life.

God grant the life ahead of you
filled with days of peace.
God grant you let go of sadness
and give you a great release.

I’m so proud to be an American
I ’ll never know what you’ve done.
For this country you have fought
for this country you have won.

~by S.D. Crawford
Muldrow, Oklahoma