Just A Thought

The Talking Flag

Over two hundred years ago, I, your American flag was created.  Since then I have flown through wars, waved over parades, and hung from the walls of churches, homes and schools.  All this time, I have been your silent symbol of freedom and opportunity, but, now I’m talking!

     See my red stripes!  I got those from the blood of brave patriots that died fighting for freedom.  Red, Yellow, Black and White; They fought and died so you could be free.  See my white stripes! I got those from faith honesty and justice.  The faith of your forefathers as they trusted GOD and found freedom.  And the honest thoughts and deeds of good people as they dealt justly with each other.  Now, look at my blue field and gleaming starts.  It’s almost Heavenly, and it should be, because,    I your American Flag, hang above the actions of men, but, beneath the heavens of the Almighty GOD.  I have a star for each state, and a state for any man.  But, theirs only one blue field of union an brotherhood for every state and every man!

     Oh, I hurt, when they trample me, or burn me, or some patriot dies because they believed all people should be free, I can take it though, because, other patriots will hang me high again, and you will see me waving my message of freedom and opportunity, over this great land!.

(Narrated by Johnny Abraham for Sandborn Music, Safari Records & ASCAP Nashville, Tennessee. Copyright 1975, 2000, 2005. No Copy with permission. Curtis e. Grothoff, Author)