Dad’s Ramblings

Ramblings From The Old Coot.

I received an email from a guy named Don
who wrote the following words.

“It must be the enjoyment of fishing.”

Some of us just use words, others live them – I wrote back and said yes it is about fishing. So I created this page for my children and anyone else that what to take a few moments to read the ramblings of an old man.

Thanks Don for that email

The answer to life’s questions is 42.

If your answer is not 42 then read on and pick the one that helps you get to the right answer of 42.

It is about the fishing – not the fish

If it was about catching fish –

then it should be called Catching – not Fishing.

Hmmm!!! – Go Figure

The Ending Journey

Everything is about the tripenjoy the trip for the journey is over quickly

My son reminds me that when I go on a family outing to a specific  place, that I should go directly there, enjoy it and then come home – I never seem to get there and if I do it is always late and that is because I stop along the way when a special moment comes along.

Each of us are right, but for much different reasons.

In jest, my son often uses a movie quote “well, my pappy always told me”, I hope my son one day may learn that he taught me more that I could ever teach him. One day he will find the path that has help me get the down my long dusty road. When he finds hist path and I happen to still be around to gently acknowledge him with a knowing and loving smile.

I went to supervise my son’s hanging of a garage door today –

Kinda like a paint party

– he fed me –

I hung the garage door he supervised.

Please bless my son with his dad’s smarts.

Open your eyes, shut up and look around.
You will be amazed what you see.

My son called me today and ask me if I knew that horseflies had mustaches.  hmmm?

That answer is definitely not 42.

42, 12 or 1024

it just does not matter

it is only about

how you got your answer

The secrets of life starts with but a single kiss.

The government come and taketh my few coins – they call it taxes – I call it P-Power – for one to get p-power one must tax and get more money – poor politicians who do not understand – power is given – not taketh.

Oh poor me.

Poor politician – what happen to you

before I elected you – you were so smart

now I elected you – you become so dumb.

Maybe I become so dumb to.

What happen – did you forget your momma!

Got a boat today – looks good – hmmm, wonder when I will get a chance to use it

-oh so busy. – Got a boat today.

Isnt Color Fun

I do this because I want to do this – tomorrow

I may want to do this because_____________

and the following day, I may want to go fishing.

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If it really matters.

I believe that all information on this page is originally written by me,

but if I am wrong – so be it – pass it along and enjoy your family and friends and let a stranger in on it also.

Just be a good person – it is worth it.

More ramblings will be put here when the fog clears and I learn more from my kids.

Please do not email about these – instead talk to your kids.