Generals are not dummies – they are human and humans are born to make mistakes, but some mistakes are not allowed.  This is my opinion on the General that was fired from command for speaking publically and not following party lines in supporting the President of the United States. 

I am a retired MSgt from the USAF and I was taught by the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) that no one is above insubordination to his or her commander and yes the President is the Commandeer and Chief over USA military. You can like it or not but the President is the Commander and Chief. I was even under a draft dodger President Clinton and as a military person, I felt that his poisition should have and be given the respect of that position/rank - and that respect is not directed to the person. The General knows this and demands it from his people or he would fail as a commander himself. The same goes with General Petraeus. He too was insubornate to the UCMJ and has fallen from grace. Right or wrong, Generals are the example and are not allow these actions, it first undermines the military tradition as well as our image and pride.


 It is very apparent that many on here are not aware of the regimentation of the military. For a General, It is never proper to voice your personal concern - that constitutes insubordination in public if it differnce with the Commander in Chief. There are channels for them to voice their concerns as it is no different for the low rank military individueal, nor is it any different for the civilian employee. There are procedures for all to follow. The problems should have been worked internally and a general at that level has access to the President - Congress makes Generals normally with the Presidential approval.


To further add, it is not whether I agree or disagree with either of these individuals personally - I will follow the protocol of the military. If my history memory serves me right - one of our great WWII generals Gen. George Patton was also called to Washington DC for same time of actions and was in the end removed/retired as well as Army Air Corp. Gen. Billie Mitchell was forced to retire.


So for those of you that want to make this a personality contest - remember the military is not a democratic society where each member gets a vote on their action, but is their DUTY (not job) to follow their leader’s lawful orders.


In recent times, an exception to this has been debated in the courts and now one does not blindly follow orders that are in violation of law or the Geneva Convention but this does not pertain to this situation with these Generals.


Now my opinion is that these Generals are highly respected and proven military leader but is probably feeling a bit of battlefield fatigue or just a down right oops has apparently caused them to momentarily lose their professional bearing. Only in Hollywood, can a person say something and then check in for treatment and then we all forget it. In the real world real lives are at state and not just hurt feelings. The first General should have had an agreement with the embedded magazine Rolling Stone's report on the article prior to release or kept his mouth shut. I am sure he would not have allowed it to be released. My personal opinion further agrees with President Obama with his request for the resignation and it shows that President Obama has made some bad choices in his selections, as this General was President Obama's choice. The same goes with General petraeus. President Obama has made mistakes too and he gets re-elected but this does not happen with Generals as Military personnel we are held to a higher honor than a politician.

President Johnson found out that you cannot run a war from the oval office and I hope President Obama learns that same lesson. Our military leaders do know how to fight and when a war if they are allowed. Wars are (as from the USA view) are not about personalities but ideas/causes. President George H. Bush did this and his son President George W. Bush (Junior) forgot that and failed in this regards as a Commander in Chief.


My final words. We the people have failed to elect capable presidents into the office for quite a while. We vote looks, popularity or just down party lines. Well maybe” We The People" should get our head out of the ground and get involved.



Some of you will find fault and holes in my comments but they are mine and I just ask you to put your honest INFORMED thoughts here and not someone else’s rhetoric.

Updated 11-17-2012 by Larry Christy