I heard on the news that people are protesting

at the funeral of a nineteen year old soldier

who gave his life for his country.


Why is God's name would anyone protest

at a young mans funeral or any funeral.

Is the American people getting as sick

as the people in other lands. 

This boy and that is what he was;

went to defend the ground we all live on

and to protest for what ever the reason

they should be ashamed.

Shame on you!

I remember coming home from Vietnam

after serving in "66" and being dropped off

the bus four blocks from my home. 

It was the old neighborhood. 

As I walked through my old hang out,

a car of young fellows rode by

and spit at me and called me a baby killer. 

Standing there in full uniform glad to be home

I thought "what did I do so wrong".

When I got home Mom and Dad where happy to see me

and said lets go out and eat and son will you wear your uniform. 

I was reluctant not knowing what's going on. 

Overseas they keep telling us the U.S.A. is behind you.

I heard different after arriving home.

I put my uniform on for my mom and Dad and stood proud for them. 

After all you do what your parents say. 

I'm still proud I had a chance to protect my family and homeland.

My wife Sandy served three years in the Marines during Vietnam

and I'm sure she feels she defended her country as well. I know I'm proud of her.

People that served their country should be HONORED, not protested.



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