What Happen

I once was the man of the house.  Now I ask my daughter to help me change a 100 pound tank of gas.  I just couldn't do it.

Do you know how bad it feels to cry in front of your daughter?  I just can't do anything anymore.  God has been good to me, but everything has its limits. I hope I did not embarrass my baby.  When you are used to being the man of the house and you find out your are not anymore - it hurts.

I have trouble standing, walking or just sitting. My legs hurts 24/7. I have good medical at the V.A. but all they do is say take these pills three time a day (what is wrong) just take the pills.

It is 2:00 O'clock in the afternoon and my legs are killing me.  I'm just sitting trying to be cool. Don't say anything, don't day you hurt, your ar the "Man of the House"


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