The Sound of Freedom


....Last night as I slept, I was suddenly awakened by a soft strange noise. The noise I heard should not have been strange to me, but for this night, it was strange.

....I knew it was not my wife snoring, nor was it my daughter as she stirred around the house, nor was it my grandson Justin laughing uncontrollably as his Grandmother tickled his stomach. The noise's of my family could have been easily identified.

....I new I had heard it before and the strange noise was familiar to me in some strange way, but for the moment I could not remember where or when.

....It was a strange noise that I had heard on many occasions, but had just pushed it from my mind because it probably did not have any value to me at the time. Perhaps it had slipped my mind because of the troubled times that  the world is going through today.

....Perhaps it had slipped my mind because this country had forgotten what it was like to have fear. Perhaps it had slipped my mind because I had just learned to take this strange noise for granted.

....As I lay in my bed trying to figure out what this strange noise was that I was hearing, I wondered if the terrorist were going to try to destroy our American way of freedom, but then I remembered the strength of prayer and the blessings that God had always bestowed upon America, and I realized that our country is strong and will overcome these cowardly acts that has been committed against our great nation.

...Then suddenly I remembered where I had heard the strange noise many times before.  It was the same strange noise that I had heard on the U.S. Navy Ship that I once had served aboard when I was a younger man and the strange noise that I was hearing became very familiar to me and no longer strange.

...Did I say familiar?  I recognized the noise as one I had heard all my life and had taken it for granted to long.  I realized that it was the same noise that General George Washington had heard on the night he crossed the Potomac River during the Revolutionary War. It was the same noise that Abraham Lincoln heard on the day he was inaugurated as the president of the united States and it was the same noise that the United States Marines had heard on the day they captured the Island of Iwo Jima during the second world war.

....I realized that since I was a little boy I had heard this very same noise on every Flag Day, every Veteran's Day and on every Memorial Day and I knew then that the strange noise I had been hearing was the American flag that I was flying outside my bedroom window in support of America and the victims of the recent tragedy that this country had suffered.  I had been awakened by the sound of our American symbol of freedom as it blew in the wind and brushed softly against the outer wall of my home.  It was telling me that my wife and children's freedom was still safe, and that everything was going to work out for the good.  That strange noise was telling me that Old Glory was still on the job watching over my family and I.  As I laid back and slowly closed my eyes to rest, I was glad that my flag had made this strange noise this night, because it had opened my eyes once again and made me thankful that we live in a free country where we are allowed to fly our flag with pride and honor.


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