Just Waiting

I sit with the door open just waiting for GOD or one of his follower's to come in and say J.D. it's time to go. Just thinking I can see my dad and little sister Cheryl, makes leaving my family a little easier.

Thou no doubt my family is going to miss me; but then knowing the company I'll be keeping will fulfill my life.  I'm sure they will accept this.

Let's face it, we are all going to leave this life; so lets think of how much better life may be.

The good part; Sandy doesn't have to give me $100.00 a week allowance and have to put up with my saying (What did you say) because of my hearing.

I'm going to miss my kids. My son Jimmy brought into my life a wonderful daughter-in-law (Michele) and two granddaughters, Lacie and Kailie. My baby Deanna and Paul gave me Justin (my grandson) and the wild Courtney (my granddaughter).

GOD has been good to me, the main thing we joined (Sandy & Me) to raise a beautiful family. For this we thank you LORD. Thank you


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