Candle or Life


Last night I sat and watched a candle burn out.

I don't know why but I couldn't stop watching it. I thought it reminded me of life.  The wax was melting and the wick just about gone, but it kept flickering trying to shine, trying to stay alive.

Is that what life is about?

Keep flickering, fighting to keep shining for your love ones.

Then I realized, life is not a candle or is it?

When a candle's job is done, it slowly but surely burns out. A candle you can replace. So no a candle is not like life. You cannot replace your Mom, Dad, Sister or Brother. Only God can help you to go on.

Life goes on like a candle in the night remembering your loved ones have gone on to a better place.

Now my wife Sandy, she is the wick of my life, if she flickers and burns out of my life, I will also burn out inside.


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Zeigler, Illinois
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